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Our team was made responsible for the steel erection portion of the project, and we leveraged 16+ cranes to get the job done. We leveraged a 1350 metric ton crawler with wagon and luffer to list 775,000 pounds of steel modules at a 125’ radius.

Crane Services Required for Stadium Construction

Stadium construction is a huge undertaking, and these projects require work on many different facets. Depending on the specific requirements of the project and its current stage, the needs will vary. Our involvement with the Las Vegas Raiders stadium construction was largely focused on providing tower cranes capable of lifting heavy loads with great precision for the purpose of steel erection, but similar projects often need support in other areas as well.

Here at Reliable Crane, our team is ready for it all thanks to the following:

  • National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) certified operators

  • Specialty lifting devices for all types of work

  • Master crane riggers

  • Crane service technicians

  • Heavy hauling and transportation services

  • Project management professionals

  • Reliability that comes from being licensed, bonded, and insured

Types of Cranes for Stadium Construction

Erecting a stadium is a large project both in terms of scope and physical size. For this reason, there will be many different types of lifting required at various stages. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate almost any situation or set of requirements. That said, the following three types of cranes are by far the most common for stadium construction projects.

1 – Tower Cranes

When it comes to stadium construction and other projects that require the lifting of massive loads to great heights, tower cranes are irreplaceable. These are the cranes with the highest lifting capacities, and they’re also the cranes that can reach the greatest heights. The combination of those two features makes them extremely necessary for large construction projects such as this one. Our ability to source so many tower cranes is what made us the ideal partner for the steel erection portion of the stadium construction in Las Vegas.

2 – Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes can’t lift as much as tower cranes, but they still offer excellent lift capacity. The true benefit of these particular cranes hinges on their mobility. They can navigate the job site on treads, allowing a single crane to cover significantly more ground and reduces time between lifts. The line speed and lifting capabilities of crawler cranes also make them instrumental in new steel construction. Your stadium construction project is likely to need at least some support from crawler cranes.

3 – Truck-Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes have less lifting capacity than crawler cranes, but they’re even more nimble. This makes them helpful at various stages of the construction process when small loads must be moved around and organized. They won’t be especially helpful when it comes to the actual heavy lifting of steel construction, but these street-legal cranes are helpful for smaller tasks.

Why Choose Reliable Crane for Crane Rental

The primary steel erector and general contractor on this project chose Reliable Crane Service because of our track record and because of our ability to provide what was needed. We provided over 6,000 tons of hoisting capabilities and more than 50 employees on the site at one time to meet the demand. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Image Source: Kit Leong / Shutterstock