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Thea at Metropolis Crane Dismantle Downtown LA

Thea at Metropolis Crane Dismantle Downtown LA

March 10th, 2018 – Reliable Crane Service recently completed a tower crane dismantle a recently-completed Tower IV of the new, luxurious Metropolis Condominiums in Downtown Los Angeles. Using their large 7550 Grove All Terrain Crane, Reliable managed to finish the job with

The 56-story, fourth tower project began in 2014. Due to its location in Downtown Los Angeles, along a busy freeway, the mobile crane had to be precisely located with limited clearance on each side of the crane. Reliable has years’ experience with city and high rise construction projects, which proved useful since Metropolis Tower IV ranks amongst the tallest residential buildings in Los Angeles.

This project required some serious crane and dismantling skills in tight quarters. At the Metropolis job site, Reliable’s Grove 7550, 550 ton mobile all-terrain crane assisted with the dismantle of a Comedil CTL 430 tower crane, also owned by Reliable. The 7550 was configured with 176,000 lbs of counterweight, 160 ft of luffing jib, and 115 ft of main boom. The Comedil CTL 430 is a 24-ton metric luffing tower crane configured with 160 ft of jib and 120 ft of tower, and served to build the final tower of this luxurious condominium complex, bringing the 5-year project to completion.

Reliable Crane Service is a crane company in Southern California and has been serving the area since 2015. Their variety of tower cranes, all-terrain cranes, and heavy machinery transportation allow them to compete in this growing industry. To learn more information about Reliable and their heavy lifting capabilities, visit For more information, email Mike Kale at or call (909) 222-0202 .