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Hydraulic Truck Cranes: When & Why to Use Them

Hydraulic Truck Cranes: When & Why to Use Them

Many construction jobs, whether industrial, residential, or commercial, cannot be performed without powerful lifting capabilities. One of the popular solutions for heavy cargo lifting is the hydraulic truck crane. This heavy-duty equipment relies on an internal hydraulic system, which offers better lifting capacity than smaller cranes that use diesel-powered or electric motors. They are also mobile, considering that they're mounted on a truck.

Are you looking to rent a hydraulic truck crane for your next construction project anywhere within the Western US? Reliable Crane Service offers various options from which you can choose. This article aims to break down the ins and outs of these powerful machines, including how they work, when they're used, and their advantages.

How Does a Hydraulic Crane Work?

Hydraulic truck cranes rely on pressurized fluid, usually oil, to generate the lifting power they need to lift heavy loads. They have a fixed piping system that maintains constant pressure on the pistons and generates the lifting power. This pressure is usually generated using a pump that moves the oil around and creates a force on two pistons.

There are two types of pumps used in hydraulic cranes: gear pumps and variable-displacement pumps. Gear pumps use interlocking gears that displace the hydraulic oil according to the crane's engine speed. This is a standard pump used in most low-cost crane models. You can only achieve high pressure while the engine runs at full power.

The variable-displacement pump is a more complex option than the standard pump. It consists of several piston cylinders attached to a barrel connected to a swashplate. To generate pressure, the barrel spins, and the swashplate pushes and pulls the pistons out of the cylinder to draw oil into the hydraulic system.

Despite their difference and simple design, these two pumps generate enough power to lift heavy loads easily.

When Are Hydraulic Cranes Used?

Hydraulic cranes are used in different construction sites. This goes from construction around bridges, roads, apartment buildings, and stadiums to erecting prefabricated beams while constructing large stages. They're best suited for sites where the ground is level, with a stable foundation and enough room to maneuver the crane.

Besides that, they're mountable on trucks, making them ideal for construction projects that involve shifting from one place to another, especially all-terrain cranes. They also don't need assembling and dissembling to move from one site to another, making them the most efficient cranes you can get.

Advantages of Implementing Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic truck cranes offer many benefits to any construction site. Since they can be driven over any road and lift heavy loads, they are invaluable for your construction. Here are three main benefits of implementing hydraulic truck cranes you should know about:

Best Suited for Heavy Lifting

Hydraulic truck cranes are powerful machines capable of lifting the heaviest of loads. The pressurized fluid from its hydraulic system gives it the power boost to lift and move heavy materials like drilling rigs, concrete slabs, and prefab walls, all at the push of a gearshift.

Compact and Versatile

Hydraulic truck cranes don't require gears, cumbersome pulleys, or counterweights. Therefore, they are suited for small spaces, particularly within industrial buildings where they operate more nimbly than other cranes. Hydraulic cranes can also stretch and reach some incredible heights.

More Mobility

The hydraulic truck cranes are mounted on a truck, so they can easily reach any project site. They can be used across different construction projects requiring frequent lifting and movement and eliminate the need to erect a tower crane for every project. It also reduces the labor cost of hiring an operator for every crane.

Get the Best Hydraulic Truck Cranes At Reliable Crane Service

Now that you know about hydraulic truck cranes, it's time to get one for your next project. Reliable Crane Service offers a range of hydraulic truck cranes that vary according to load capacity. Besides having the best rental cranes across the Western US, all our operators are highly trained and undergo rigorous safety training to maintain our impeccable zero-incident record. Contact our team to find out more about our services.


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