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Project Management


Reliable Crane Service project management offers lifting solutions from the planning to performance stages of a job. We can assist in determining which equipment you will need to execute the project for maximum production. Reliable Crane Service has the experience needed to ensure the job is done safe, efficient, and within the allotted budget. Reliable Crane Service in CA or in Las Vegas can help you with our services, Call us in CA at (909) 415-5326 or in Las Vegas at (702) 447-0528

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Project Management Services Include:

  • Implementation of safety procedures to a jobsite
  • Pick Plans from CAD to PE stamped drawings
  • Crane build up and tear down supervision
  • Tower crane erections, jumps, and dismantles
  • Design and fabrication of specialty lifting devices
  • Route surveys, police escorts, and road permitting
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Coordination between utility companies as needed
  • Crane safety inspections
  • Project scheduling
  • Weight calculations of items to be lifted

Project Management Case Study #1:

Our customer had a need to move 4 × 510,000lb. power plant components in a short time frame. In a matter of two weeks from the planning stage we organized the necessary road closures, notified and job walked with the local utilities that were affected by the move, provided engineered drawings, and mobilized four cranes to complete the picks. In this short period of time we executed the successful load out, transport, and offload of all four units.

Project Management Case Study #2. 2-Line Tank Set

Reliable Crane Service has an experienced group of Crane Operators that are ready to provide their expertise in many areas of the daily utilization of our Mobile Truck Crane fleet. We have knowledgeable Crane Operators that can perform 2 Line Tank trips, using the Auxiliary Line on most of our All Terrain Crane fleet. In most instances, this can be performed without the need for a more costly 2nd crane (known as the “Tail Crane”). When possible, this allows for a safe and cost effective solution for tight areas of tank farms and refineries. Ask your RCS representative if this possible for next industrial job!!

Case Study#3

Project: New Briar Flume Crossing Over All-American Canal – Phase 1

Location: Calexico, CA

Date: 5/23/19

Customer’s client: Imperial Irrigation District (IID)

Scope of Work: Rig, hoist and set two (2) 160’ long steel, utility bridges as well as four (4) 80’ pipe sections over the All-American canal via a two crane lift using a GMK7550 (550 ton All Terrain Crane) in full configuration as well as a Manitowoc 16000 (440 ton Crawler Crane) from the south side embankment/abutment.

Weights: 160’ Bridges – 124,019 lbs. each 80’ Pipe Sections; 58” Diameter – 24,400 lbs. each

Special Accommodations: 138 Kv OHE powerlines owned by the client were temporarily downed so that our crew could execute lifts without risk of electrical hazards. We were able to rig and hoist bridges and pipe sections under OHE, leaving our closest hook-block roughly 6 ft. away from powerlines at the time of the furthest set. Our team’s ability to engineer these lifts saved our customer several months of work and our customer’s client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Engineering: In just over a week, we provided three PE stamped drawings for IID review. From OSHA standards to allowable Ground Bearing Pressures, we were able to articulate and clarify our proposed methodology when providing peace-of-mind to our customer’s client as well as their team of engineers. This ultimately offered a safe working environment with sound execution at a pace that was well appreciated.

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If you are interested in how Reliable Crane Service in Las Vegas can help you, contact us or Call us in CA at (909) 415-5326 or in Las Vegas at (702) 447-0528. Tell us how we can help project manage your next upcoming project. Call us today!