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Project Management

We get the job done right

Our project management services offer lifting solutions from the planning to performance stages of a job. We can assist in determining which equipment you will need to execute the project for maximum production. Reliable Crane Service has the experience needed to ensure the job is done safe, efficient, and within the allotted budget.

Project Management- List of Services

  • Pick Plans from CAD to PE stamped drawings
  • Implementation of safety procedures to a jobsite
  • Crane build up and tear down supervision
  • Tower crane erections, jumps, and dismantles
  • Design and fabrication of specialty lifting devices
  • Route surveys, police escorts, and road permitting
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Coordination between utility companies as needed
  • Crane safety inspections
  • Project scheduling
  • Weight calculations of items to be lifted

Project Management Case Study

Our customer had a need to move 4 × 510,000lb. power plant components in a short time frame. In a matter of two weeks from the planning stage we organized the necessary road closures, notified and job walked with the local utilities that were affected by the move, provided engineered drawings, and mobilized four cranes to complete the picks. In this short period of time we executed the successful load out, transport, and offload of all four units.