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JASO Tower Cranes

Breaking into new markets has always been our driving force.




With our new dealer partnership, Reliable Crane Service is now to be a representative of JASO Tower Cranes in the Western US and servicing all the US. Our commitment to safety is one of the common drives we share with our partners at JASO, along with customer service, quality equipment and providing great technical support. Staying true to our Reliable Crane Service name, we pledge to take our time to be there for our customers’ needs from start to finish on all projects. Our commitment to safety has been our number one priority and it shows in our exponential year over year organic growth. We do projects the right way every time.


Who we are

JASO is headquartered in Europe (Basque Country, Spain) and have been manufacturing cranes for over 50 years. JASO was founded in the Basque Country as a family owned firm in an innovative technology-based environment with an entrepreneurial spirit. After manufacturing more than 16,000 cranes and becoming pioneers in luffing cranes they are now one of Europe's top 5 tower crane manufacturers.

JASO's manufacturing facilities are in ldiazabal and Zaragoza, Spain. The engineering and service teams reside primarily in ldiazabal, Spain and operate a 24 hour 7 days per week help center in order to provide timely responses to customer requirements.

They have a complete line of tower cranes ranging from 50 meter tonnes to 1,400 meter tonnes and have designed all cranes using in-house engineers.

Aside from manufacturing, JASO also has a Parts and Services department which stocks an extensive amount of inventory. When ordering parts, they use an express courier service in order to alleviate down time.



  • Turnkey erect and dismantling solutions with certified technicians, assist cranes, and rigger crews available
  • Best in class warranties on all new purchases
  • Large stock of shelved parts fitting multiple units for maximized uptime
  • Engineering department with immediate response time for plan overviews, reactions, wind ratings, site layouts, tie-in sequences, and more.
  • Fully qualified and certified operators to operate or teach your crews to operate tower cranes
  • We adhere to the strictest U.S. code for crane certifications with all cranes capable of becoming UL Certified and Cal-OSHA Approved (most stringent OSHA Regulation)



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