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The Premier Lifting Solution

Reliable Crane Service is the premier lifting solution in the Western US. With locations in Nevada and California we have the equipment nearby to make your next project run smooth and efficient, wether it's in Las Vegas or Irvine. Our expert staff has the experience you can trust. We are always coming up with innovative solutions in the industry. We are small business certified (SBE) with large project experience to create advantageous bid scenarios for our customers. Steel erection, heavy industrial, oilfield, HVAC, tank sets, modular buildings, power plants . . . We are ready for it all.

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crane companies in las vegas

Reliable Construction Services assists with ground crane operations at the new LA Rams/Chargers Stadium build. Pictured are two 90 ton RTS working inside the “Bowl” hoisting rebar into position for our customer. With SBE certifications we allow contractors to meet site goals while utilizing our services.

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