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Power Suppliers. Because of the fast pace of our economy, the demand for modular has risen significantly to speed up site production. Reliable Crane in Las Vegas and Southern California has dedicated crews and rigging to make these projects run as smooth as possible. We have set over 20 modulars into place in a days’ time. Furthermore, we are familiar with steel modular sets as well that are becoming more commonplace in the industry and have cranes assist for multiple months building high-rise buildings. Our logistics team can assist with site planning and where to stage units, so the sets move as efficient as possible.

Modular Buildings Becoming Increasingly Important

Whether your business is expanding, you want to develop multiple dwelling units, your community’s schools need more capacity, or you otherwise need to build quickly, modular construction may be the answer. It is being seen as a valuable answer for the current construction boom, and, as of late, modular construction has been designed to be more attractive, variable in style, and useful than ever before. 

Reliable Crane Services’ Lifting Solutions for Modular Buildings

We provide bare crane rentals, operated and maintained cranes, and complete rigging solutions for most, if not all, modular buildings. Our modular rigging helps to ensure safe and efficient lifts for all types of loads. The Reliable Crane Service team has more than 40 years of experience providing innovative lifting solutions. We are proud to offer superior crane services to our modular construction customers alike.

Lifting FAQs

Do We Provide Rigging?

Yes, we have multiple spreader bar setups and spreader bar systems that allow us to effectively rig almost any type of load. This includes two different modular boxed spreader beams that help prevent any stress on the sides of buildings when hoisting. We have additional spreader bars and several rigging apparatuses for any specialty pieces that may need to be handled as well.

Can We Pick Up An Item With An Unknown Center Of Gravity?

Yes, we have experience with unevenly distributed loads. Modular buildings often include pieces of unclear centers of gravity, such as kitchen and bathroom pieces. We can quickly and safely rig units for pickup according to both lateral and medial directions.

Why Choose Reliable Crane Services

Reliable Crane Services is an industry-leading provider of lifting solutions for modular construction. Our substantial experience and safety records makes us a top choice for all types of lifts. Our customers keep returning not just for our safety standards, but also for our project management and efficiency. Our performance helps our customers consistently stay under budget and on schedule.

Learn More About Reliable Crane Services Today

Reliable Crane Services provides lifting solutions throughout the western United States, from the Pacific Northwest to the Mexican border. We can help you achieve success with all types of modular buildings and component lifts. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

Preferred Contractor for Multiple Power Suppliers
Preferred Contractor for Multiple Power Suppliers
Preferred Contractor for Multiple Power Suppliers
Preferred Contractor for Multiple Power Suppliers
Preferred Contractor for Multiple Power Suppliers