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Wolffkran Dealer & Crane Rentals

Reliable Crane Service offers some of the most impressive tower cranes in the world. The Wolffkran Class of cranes are some of the strongest electric tower cranes in the market. We currently own the largest model of this manufacturer’s line of crane (1 of 6 in the world). The 1250B is a 66 US ton capacity crane and is currently working in the Downtown Los Angeles area. This crane is extremely unique and perfect for large construction projects. The rest of our fleet consists of 700B model, a 55 ton class luffing crane, and 355B a smaller 28 ton luffing crane. Mix in flat tops of the class leading cranes, and you have an ideal tower crane to match any job site.

The Wolffkrane performance, comfort, and engineering systems are industry leaders. Below are just a few of the benefits of the Wolffkrane family of products:

Foundation Anchors:

  • Choose between traditional foundation anchors or the two-part WOLFF foundation anchors
  • The high-quality spigot set for connecting the tower can be easily unscrewed after taking the crane down and reused on other projects
  • Only the lower-cost anchor (which can be reordered) remains in the foundation

The Tower Top-Counter Jib Unit- WOLFF Patented Design:

  • Tower top, counter jib and jib all connect to a central connecting frame
  • Reduced weight of individual components compared to traditional design
  • Reduced tail swing since counter jib can be kept shorter
  • Reduced minimal working radius since the jib hinge point is further back

WOLFF Controls- Working Safely and Efficiently:

  • Fast line speeds since the control automatically adjust the performance of all drives
  • Patented slack rope monitoring
  • Horizontal load path – the load is kept at the same height when boom is raised or lowered
  • Comprehensive system tests to support the crane driver

Feel free to check out our load chart page or to reach out to us should you want to go over the details of particular models. We are also a licensed dealer for Wolffkran and can assist if you think a purchase would be more suitable to your needs. The TG series was originally created for construction of power plants, but since has served a purpose in all aspects of the heavy construction industry. They have proved ideal in sites with tight work areas, high heavy- lift needs, and production based jobs. In terms of performance, these cranes are rarely matched. The combination of line speed and lifting capacity give our customers an advantage in their overall production capabilities. These cranes are maintained with the latest technology in the crane industry to keep them head and shoulders above the competition. They have been used in the construction of high-rise buildings, dams, sports arenas, deep shaft tunnels, and used for mass material handling.

The TG 1900 is a 115 ton tower crane with a maximum luffing boom of 220’. It has the versatility to be mounted on a fixed tower, climbing tower, wheel mounted bogie, and a pedestal. The TG2300B is the larger of the two models, with a maximum capacity of 230 tons. Whereas the same mechanical system is used as the TG 1900 the structure has been upgraded to give the crane a larger capacity. It has a maximum luffing jib of 240’. Both cranes have a single line pull of over 57,000lbs, and a max hoisting speed of over 700’ per minute.

The Wolffkran tower crane models are a nice alternative as well. They offer large capacities while being electrically powered. We have an extensive relationship with the manufacturer and are the domestic experts to assist laying out your next high-capacity project.