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Power Sector

Power Sector

Cranes are a vital tool for many types of work in the power and energy sector. At Reliable Crane Services, we work with this industry in a variety of ways, including outages, maintenance, builds, conversions, dismantles, installations, and more. We also serve a range of plants, including solar, wind turbine, steam, natural gas, coal, and transmission lines. The power sector is essential to running all other types of business, and our team will work with you to make sure you can continue to provide these crucial services through new construction, maintenance, repairs, and more.

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Our Cranes in the Power Industry

At Reliable Crane Services, we offer crane rental and operating services for the power and energy sector. Cranes play a vital role in lifting heavy loads and reaching places that would be otherwise too high. In industrial settings, these types of movement are essential for day-to-day business, as well as construction projects. In the power industry, the everyday use of cranes is for maintaining equipment. Proper maintenance schedules are essential for keeping equipment running smoothly, but maintenance in the power industry often deals with equipment that is difficult to move or service. Our cranes are capable of moving equipment as needed for regular maintenance or replacement.

Our Crane Operators

Our crane operators have over 15 years of experience operating a variety of cranes. All our operators are required to obtain and keep a current NCCCO license. This widely recognized safety certification ensures that all our cranes are operated safely and effectively. Every operator at Reliable Crane Services is licensed and skilled in using multiple cranes. Our power plant team puts reliability and safety first, as they pride themselves on a zero-incident track record to date. We also offer project management services in addition to crane operators, allowing you to sit back while our team of experienced managers organizes every step of the process, from the planning stages to completion.

Power Plant Construction

Cranes are essential to the construction of power plants because of the amount of heavy machinery that requires careful, steady transportation. Our crane operators are skilled at moving large machinery at construction sites. We have a variety of cranes to get the job done, including mobile cranes, all-terrain cranes, conventional truck cranes, crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, electric pick and carry cranes, hydro crawlers, flat top, hammerhead, luffing, and self-erecting tower cranes. For added safety, all cranes are equipped with a load-bearing insulator that fits at the end of a crane's load line. This protects personnel in contact with the load from electrocution by insulating it in the event the crane or load line comes in contact with a power line.

Power Sector

We perform all overflow services to Los Angeles Department Water and Power for overflow work. We also cover SCE through various general contractors to help assist Southern CA to modernizing outdated equipment and structures. Various power plants within These two entities, as well as, NVEnergy utilize us during their critical outages because of our outstanding safety record and project expertise.

Case Study #1:

RCS was honored to be awarded an exclusive hoisting contract for all scopes of work in support of a triennial major outage for a private natural gas and steam generated power plant in Victorville, CA; a plant that provides electricity to nearly 800,000 homes in Southern California’s High Desert!! Our crews were tasked with several responsibilities, the most important of which being the support of contracted Millwrights as they disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled steam turbines for regular maintenance and balancing. Throughout the course of the project, RCS operated and maintained eleven cranes ranging from a 330 ton Liebherr LR1300SX with derrick equipment and 264.6K lbs. suspended counterweight to a 30 ton Terex RT 230 Rough Terrain Crane. This outage was extended due to unexpected maintenance required on all three of the plant’s natural-gas-fueled combustion turbines. The unexpected changes were an “all hands on-deck” scenario that RCS took head-on, providing crews around the clock 7 days a week for nearly three months (a combined total of over 5000 labor hours – whoa). Using their well-established relationships and extensive fleet, RCS supported hoisting, trucking, and the production of engineered equipment. This was done with speed and accuracy all while tracking and projecting costs that were recorded and communicated on a near daily basis. Above is one of our favorite critical lifts from the project: the LR1300SX with suspended counterweight setting a freshly balanced low pressure (LP) Toshiba turbine with blades. This 101.8K lbs. turbine (gross weight of just over 120K lbs.) was set back into its inner housing safely and securely at a max radius of 112 ft (double whoa).

Power Sector

Case Study #2:

RCS specializes in servicing power generating facilities in Southern CA and all across Nevada. Here is a picture that shows us doing what we do best when decommissioning the Etiwanda Generating Plant in Rancho Cucamonga. In this picture you will see one of five of our 265-300 ton class machines removing one of 8 transformer cores for a customer that repurposes and refurbishes transformer cores for new power plants throughout the US. Each core was roughly 115,000 lbs. Our mighty 275 ton, Grove GMK5275, safely removed all cores with operator load only (46K lbs. Counterweight) and 51.7 ft. of main boom. That’s a lot of power!

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At Reliable Crane Services, our team is ready to make your project easier. We offer assistance at every step of your project, including project management and operating services. We serve a number of industries in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Our team has over 40 years of experience running projects in every sector we operate in, including steel erection, heavy industrial, HVAC, tank sets, modular buildings, power plants, and more. With NCCCO-licensed operators, specialty equipment, service technicians, project management, and more, our team is confident and ready for your next project.

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Power Sector