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Reliable Crane responsible for steel erection with 16+ cranes at the Las Vegas Raiders' Stadium! Learn more by contacting Reliable Crane in NV by calling (702) 447-0528!

Reliable Crane responsible for steel erection with 16+ cranes at the Las Vegas Raiders' Stadium! Learn more by contacting Reliable Crane in NV by calling (702) 447-0528!

There are various types of cranes used in the construction industry. Every type of crane offers different capabilities and specific benefits. One such type of crane is the self-erecting tower crane.

As its name suggests, a self-erecting tower is a type of tower crane that's quickly erected and dismantled without needing an external crane or help. It offers various benefits such as easy mobility, efficiency, saving time, and mobility, among other benefits. Curious about self-erecting tower cranes?

Reliable Crane Service is here to help answer your questions. Keep reading to learn how they work, their importance, and common applications in the construction industry.

Importance of Self-Erecting Tower Cranes in the Construction Industry

The ultimate benefit of using a self-erecting tower is the value it brings to a construction site compared with other types of tower cranes. Some of the advantages that they offer are as follows:

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Self-erecting tower cranes can improve the efficiency and productivity in a construction site in various ways. For instance, these cranes don't need a dedicated operator. The rig operator can single-handedly operate them, eliminating the need for other personnel to guide them. They also create a minimal footprint, leaving more room for staging and material storage at the job site, besides having a limited space.

Use of Less Equipment and Decreased Labor Cost

Self-erecting tower cranes don't need material handling pieces like telehandlers, mobile cranes, boom trucks, and all-terrain forklifts for their setup and operation. Therefore, they can be used in tight boundaries or impassable terrain where manual labor is the only material handling option. Besides, they improve job site safety due to the decreased need for manual tasks, which drastically reduces the possibility of worker's comp claims.

Builds More Sustainability

While you combine benefits like improved efficiency, less equipment, and the use of a small footprint, you'll find that self-erecting towers offer more sustainability in their operations. You can also find all-electric options that emit no exhaust or noise, ensuring greater communication and teamwork among everyone onsite.

How Does a Self-Erecting Tower Crane Work?

A self-erecting tower is a crane that does not disassemble into a tower, jib, and boom during normal usage. Its erection and dismantling processes are inherently part of its function. They work by lifting themselves from the ground or an upper ground, using jacks to insert the next section at ground level, or lifting into place by a partially erect crane. Therefore, these cranes are assembled without needing outside help and grow according to the height or building they're erecting.

Common Applications and Uses of Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Self-erecting towers have various uses on a construction site. They offer new and different ways to handle construction materials that require hoisting. Therefore, they're used in multiple facets beyond customary techniques. Some of the typical applications of self-erecting towers include the following:

Masonry Work

Self-erecting tower cranes are best suited for lifting masonry blocks on a construction site. This eliminates the need for using a telehandler, especially on job sites with limited access.

Lifting Prefabricated Walls

With the use of prefabricated walls in modern construction, there's no better heavy-lifting equipment suited for the task than self-erecting tower cranes. Most prefab walls are used in a controlled environment, and these cranes make it easier to offload these sections from the trucks and into position.

Multi-Storied Construction

Cranes are typically used in multi-storied buildings, but self-erecting towers bring better efficiency than all other options. They're adjustable to various heights and jib configurations that adapt to any job site requirement.

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Self-erecting tower cranes are undoubtedly invaluable tools for any construction site. They're safe, flexible, and fast to set up. They're also easy to transport and need less personnel to operate.

At Reliable Crane Service, we offer the best crane solutions for all our customers in California, Arizona, and other areas in the Western US. If you're looking for a self-erecting tower crane for hire, we're your best choice.

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