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What Are Telescopic Cranes & Their Benefits?

What Are Telescopic Cranes & Their Benefits?

Each crane design and type has their use across different facts of the construction industry.

One of the cranes you will be able to find in most construction sites is the telescopic crane.

This distinct crane offers significant flexibility, lifting capacities, and movability, making it a popular choice among contractors and engineers. Reliable Crane Service, we proudly provide our customers in Arizona, Nevada, and California with various cranes, including telescopic cranes, to meet multiple lifting and hauling needs.

In this post, we've compiled all you need to know about telescopic cranes to help you determine whether they are ideal for your project.

What is a Telescopic Crane?

A telescopic crane is a type of crane equipped with a boom or hydraulic cylinder that allows a change in length similar to a telescope. Although they're considered fixed cranes, most are set on trucks and crawlers for transportation across different worksites.

The ability of their boom to collapse and compact itself allows the telescopic crane to be highly adaptable to various construction sites. They are particularly beneficial in modular and prefab assembly, which involve much lifting at different weights and heights.

Reliable Crane Service offers various telescopic cranes to fit multiple uses.

Whether you need it for tank sets, HVAC installation, in an oilfield, heavy industry, or power plants, we have the perfect telescopic crane for you.

Uses of Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes can be used in different roles and applications. Here are some examples of projects you can use our telescopic cranes:

Construction of Telephonic Towers

Constructing telephone towers is daunting since they should be high enough to provide broad coverage from the receivers. This makes telescopic cranes crucial in lifting and installing heavy parts of the tower with ease and helps make the installation easier. Besides, contractors can easily set up these towers across a large area since they are mobile options.

Construction of Power Transmission Centers

Telescopic cranes are crucial in constructing power lines when there is a need to install heavy-duty panels and transformers. These cranes are flexible, allowing them to lift these transformers efficiently and expeditiously.

Embarking and Disembarking Cargo

Whether in the transport or construction industry, you need cranes to embark and disembark cargo. Telescopic cranes are best for this since they can move in a wide radius, making it easy to embark or disembark any cargo.

Building Construction

Building construction involves much heavy lifting. Telescopic cranes are more efficient in this type of construction since they can adjust their height to match various building's heights.


The boom extension in the telescopic inner section allows more flexibility and a wider operation radius. This makes them the best option for container and cargo handling onshore and offshore.

Benefits of Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes offer many benefits thanks to their ability to extend to different heights and mobility. Some of the benefits you can get from using them include the following:

Simple and Cost-Effective Transportation

Maintaining simple and economical transportation between construction sites is a crucial factor. Telescopic cranes are ideal for this kind of consideration since they're transportable with just one low-loader truck. They also have an innovative assembly system that makes it easy to load and offload from the low-loader truck.

Perfect For Use on Narrow Sites

Telescopic cranes cover less space than other crane types and maintain similar loading capacity without additional support. They're also adjustable, so they can be adjusted to fit different track widths and moved within sites near high-voltage power lines.

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