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Essential Crane Maintenance Services

Essential Crane Maintenance Services

If you've ever worked in the construction industry, you're well aware that cranes need regular maintenance services. Besides keeping everyone working with and close to it safe, it helps handle all its tasks efficiently and effectively and ensures that the cranes are OSHA-compliant, among other benefits. 

There are several considerations to make in crane maintenance, whether by following OSHA guidelines, manufacturer guidelines, or specific steps that a crane contractor has established.  

With over 40 years of collective experience providing crane services across the Western US, Reliable Crane Service has the experience and skills to ensure the best crane maintenance services. 

That's why we've maintained an impeccable zero-incident record and have remained an industry safety standard leader for years. If your business is considering hiring for crane services, here's what you should know about our crane maintenance services. 

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Over the years, we've witnessed many benefits from our regular crane maintenance services. However, the most vital benefit is that this has helped us identify mechanical issues, damages, or corrosion early enough and take proactive measures to minimize risks. Other benefits that we enjoy from regular crane maintenance services include the following: 

Increased Reliability

With the growing demand for our cranes across Nevada, Arizona, and California, we must ensure that our facilities are always ready to work. 

We have established a regular 25-point inspection that we adhere to before we move our cranes to construction sites. This is so our cranes can perform efficiently and effectively in every task they need to handle. 

OSHA Compliance

As a certified crane service, we must comply with OSHA crane regulations regarding crane inspection and maintenance under OSHA standards 1926.1412. 

These regulations require a competent person to handle the crane inspection and maintenance service. Thanks to our strict NCCO licensing requirement for all our operators, you can rest assured that we utilize the most experienced team members to ensure our cranes are inspected to the highest OSHA standards. 

Greater Employee Safety and Satisfaction 

The safety of our employees is our utmost priority, regardless of the type of crane they're using. Therefore, we've established a zero-incident record by remaining true to our regular crane maintenance services. 

Cost Saving 

It's undeniable that preventive measures on cranes can save you much money in the long run. Huge technical problems arise from minor issues that could have been prevented early. 

With our regular crane maintenance services, we can reveal these minor issues early enough and fix them before they become costly. 

Besides that, regular crane maintenance services can help us minimize compensation costs that may arise from crane accidents. These costs can go north of $100,000 depending on the nature of the accident. 

Guarantee Cranes' Longevity

Cranes are costly, especially the top and quality brands we use here at Reliable Crane Services. Therefore, the best way to ensure they serve as long as possible is through our regular and thorough maintenance services. In that case, they can maintain quality and efficient services regardless of the nature of the task you throw at them. 

Our Crane Checklist for Set-Up 

The specifics of our crane checklists vary according to the type of crane. There are basic steps that cut across all our cranes, as highlighted in our 25-point inspection process. Here are some of the factors we take into consideration in our crane maintenance process: 

  • Reference to previous maintenance records: This ensures that we take note of recurring issues and remain compliant with the manufacturer's recommendations. Our maintenance logbook contains vital information like maintenance and inspection dates, the maintenance service's specifics, the names of operators who conducted the inspection, and more. 

  • Strict adherence to maintenance requirements: Besides checking the maintenance logbook records, we look at recommendations made from previous maintenance schedules and requirements needed to ensure that we consider every crucial aspect. 

  • Maintaining a support staff: At Reliable Crane Service, we maintain a support staff on standby in Las Vegas, Southern California, and Phoenix, AZ area to offer route surveys, job walks, specialty fabrication, mechanic services, and more. This 

  • Use of OEM maintenance plan: Our mechanics maintain a rigorous OEM maintenance schedule on all our cranes to ensure they perform effectively in their tasks. 

See How Reliable Crane Can Help Your Business Today

Crane maintenance services are crucial for any crane's safe and effective use. 

It also ensures they're always available for use and last for as long as possible. At Reliable Crane Service, we follow a strict crane maintenance schedule, coupled with other considerations, like ensuring there's a standby support staff, employment of NCCO licensed operators, and having project managers who oversee the safety of our projects. Contact our team today to find out more about our services. 

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