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Why Professional Installation of Wind Turbines is Essential

Why Professional Installation of Wind Turbines is Essential

The wind power industry is booming like never before. Despite the advantages that come with it, installing and maintaining wind turbines has proven to be challenging. However, when cranes come into play, every operation needed to install and maintain wind turbines becomes easy, safe, and manageable. This calls for a crane service with high wind industry experience and the necessary cranes for its unique operations. 

At Reliable Crane Service, we've been providing premier lifting solutions across the wind industry for over 40 years. Over these years, we've maintained an impeccable safety record and incredible results in all our operations. Read on to learn the importance of our professional crane rental services in wind turbine installation. 

What is a Wind Turbine? 

A wind turbine is a structure or machine that converts kinetic energy from wind to electricity. Wind propels its blades along a rotor and then spins a generator to electricity. These turbines can be massive, with some going as high as 295 ft with a rotor diameter of up to 430 feet. 

Taller turbines produce more electricity since wind speed increases with altitude, a phenomenon known as wind shear. 

Besides, wind tends to flow more freely at greater heights since it encounters less friction from obstacles like trees, buildings, and mountains. 

The colossal wind turbine size makes using specialized cranes and specially-trained riggers critical in their installations. Besides that, some wind farms pose challenges, such as soft ground conditions and high winds, that require the intervention of an experienced crane rental service. 

How Many Cranes Are Needed to Install a Wind Turbine? 

The number of cranes needed to install a wind turbine depends on the number and size of the wind turbines installed. It also depends on the wind farm's terrain. For instance, an offshore wind turbine installation may require at least three cranes to meet its unique demand. However, compared with land-based installations, this may require one or two cranes since there's a surface to set up the structure. However, factors like steep mountainous terrain may demand more cranes. 

At Reliable Crane Service, we evaluate the nature of every wind turbine installation project to determine how many and which type of cranes from our diverse selection suits your project. We also employ specially trained riggers with experience in handling complex lift plans. 

What Kinds of Cranes Do You Carry?

Wind turbine installation requires specialized cranes due to the complex operations involved. A typical wind turbine can weigh up to 90T, with the hub height reaching 450 feet. Besides that, wind turbines can be erected offshore and on lands with complicated terrains. Therefore, only specialized cranes can be used in wind turbine installations with such demanding specifications. 

Reliable Crane Service offers a diverse range of cranes, including mobile, all-terrain, tower, and rough terrain cranes, with towing capacities ranging from 3 to 660 tons. Our cranes can also reach heights of up to 85 meters and taller. Therefore, whatever your height requirements, we can confidently provide a crane that accommodates them. 

Reliable Crane for Wind Turbine Installation 

The wind energy industry is undoubtedly growing in the U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average of newly installed wind turbines grew by 7% between 2021 and 2022. This proves the importance of specialized crane services to serve the wind industry. 

Reliable Crane Service is committed to providing high-quality crane services across the Northwest U.S. to the Mexican border. We have all sizes of towers for the installation and maintenance of new wind turbine projects and a team of experienced operators. Contact our team today to find out more about our services.

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