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Tight Squeeze in Downtown LA

Earlier this summer, Reliable executed a high profile lift and set of a 25,000 pound electrical box lid owned by LADWP. The electrical box lies beneath the surface of the soon to be Oceanwide Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to Staples Center.

Our 275 ton Grove GMK 5275 rigged in at an exceptionally tight location with 90.3K of CTW, inside the site’s entrance off of Figueroa Street. What is special about this pick is certainly not the weight, but the small amount of room available for our crane’s set-up. With the help of site personnel, Reliable’s crew was able to extend rear outriggers of this crane through site scaffolding, while staying away from a highly sensitive electrical vault beneath site grade as well as steel beams spanning the site’s entrance. Proud of our crew for safely performing a job well done!