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Why EDC and Coachella Use Reliable Crane for Outdoor Events

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What You'll Learn

As you read about crane services for outdoor events, you'll learn:

  • Events like music festivals often have a lot to set up and tear down in very tight windows.
  • Because these events operate on such demanding timelines, it is often necessary to have numerous cranes working at the same time to maximize efficiency.
  • Highly mobile cranes like truck-mounted cranes and crawler cranes can lead to massive efficiency gains when the job site is relatively large.

Crane Services for Outdoor Events

When you're involved in planning or executing a concert or music festival, you're tasked with sticking to an aggressive timeline. Even though there is so much demand to meet tight deadlines, there is also very little room for error. The project has to come in at or under budget to be profitable, and safety is also of the utmost importance. In other words, it is necessary to achieve speed without sacrificing costs, quality, or safety.

To get everything right, it takes a specialized plan to size out the fleet of cranes in a way that minimizes costly standby time while also avoiding leaving the venue underserved. The logistics of planning cranes for these projects ultimately have a massive impact on overall profitability. It takes significant reporting and expertise to get everything dialed in as it should be, making it advisable to consult with a crane rental partner. In the meantime, though, you can start educating yourself about the process and what it takes to set up a music festival, concert, or other outdoor events.

Stage Construction and Breakdown

It's hard to imagine a successful concert without a stage. If you're organizing something at a normal concert venue, this is easy to manage. The issue starts to get a bit more complicated when you're putting on an event outdoors. Cranes will likely be required to lift heavy components of the stage into place.

Even after that's finished, there is still the need to get everything else set so the performance can go off without a hitch. That might involve lights, pyrotechnic machines, and other components that must be mounted high above the ground. Once you start adding multiple stages, it becomes even more difficult to set everything up quickly before the show and dismantle it after.

In the grand scheme of things, relative to other projects that might require cranes, most components for stages are not especially heavy. For that reason, truck-mounted cranes and crawler cranes might be the best bet. These types of cranes have excellent line speed and good lifting capabilities, which makes them perfect for moving efficiently around the event site.

The mobility of the crane rentals becomes even more important for large events where there might be multiple stages spread out in different parts of the site. Crawler cranes are great for this, especially if the site is relatively flat, as most outdoor event sites are. If there is any reason to move a crane between job sites on the road, a truck-mounted crane is especially helpful because it's street legal.

Facilities and Utilities Construction and Breakdown

If you're putting on an outdoor event, you also need facilities and utilities to support all of the artists and guests who come. This is also likely to require the use of cranes, especially as you start bringing in large loads to establish electricity and other utilities, build temporary bathrooms or other buildings, and generally turn the outdoor space into an event space.

Again, crawlers and truck-mounted cranes are ideal for this type of work. Truck cranes offer amazing mobility (and are street legal) along with modest lifting abilities. Crawler cranes may not be fit for the road, but they do offer excellent lifting capabilities for those heavier loads that go into setting up a concert or music festival. Depending on the size of the event, it may become necessary to rent a fleet of multiple cranes, including a few of different types, to ensure there's something capable of completing every job.

Live Event and Music Festival Crane Equipment

Here at Reliable Crane Service, we're proud to be recognized among the best crane rental companies in the Western United States. We've already helped large outdoor events like EDC and Coachella go off without a hitch,  and our expertise translates very well to these types of crane services. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and start preparing your crane rental.