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Crane Rental. Whether you are lifting a single load of less than a ton, or numerous loads weighing over 100 tons, you need to find the right crane and rigging for the job. Reliable Crane Services in Las Vegas specializes in a wide variety of lifting solutions for customers in commercial construction, power generation/industrial applications, wind, and more. The first – and often most important – service we provide is helping our clients determine which of our equipment and solutions are right for their project.

Different Cranes for Different Jobs

Reliable Crane Services in Las Vegas provides various crane options; selecting the right one can be the difference between a successful project and one that experiences delays, budget overages, and lackluster execution. It is imperative to understand the viable options when selecting and implementing the right crane for your needs.

Types of Cranes

Cranes are categorized by lifting capacity, application, and classification (tower cranes, truck cranes, rough terrain, etc). In many cases, they are categorized by their type, more specifically, what they are capable of supporting and how they perform hoisting. These are the four main types:

Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes are non-mobile and must be erected in place. They are generally allocated to long-term construction projects such as mid- and high-rise buildings that have limited access due to their surrounding environment. Despite their relatively small footprint, tower cranes are capable of lifting capacities comparable to that of a fair number of ground cranes. Surprisingly enough, some tower canes can handle loads at or above 200 tons!

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes are truck-mounted carriers that are built to travel on highways, city streets, and residential neighborhoods. They can manage loads of various sizes and they have various counterweight, boom, and jib configurations. Though they cannot take on challenging terrain, truck cranes are the most versatile machines in the market as they can position themselves in tight areas, move with little restriction, and perform work without having to utilize space for an extended period of time.

Rough-Terrain and All-Terrain Cranes

These cranes are designed for use in construction sites, mines, and other off-road situations. There is a wide variety of capacities available, ranging from five to 1,500 tons.

Crawler Cranes 

These large but mobile cranes are intended for the largest loads. They move very slowly (hence the name) but can handle hundreds of tons. Typically, these are only used for long-term projects.

Selecting the Right Crane

Finding the right crane for your project depends on the specifics of your project. Both the types of lifts and the job site characteristics need to be considered.

1) The Duration and Location of the Project

Short-term projects typically need more mobile equipment that can be brought onto the site and set up quickly. Self-contained, ground cranes are usually best for this. Additionally, the location of the site plays a significant role. Tower cranes can be used in areas with small footprints, for example. Conversely, a rough-terrain crane may be needed for an uneven job site.

2) The Types of Lifts

The weight, size, and height of the lift, play significant roles in determining the right type of crane. Larger cranes are usually more stable and can handle more complex loads. Additionally, you will need a crane with ample load capacity.

3) Equipment Mobility Needs

Finally, consider whether the crane needs to move during the project. If there are multiple lifts in different locations, you will need a crane rental that can be relocated easily. Conversely, some projects only require lifts within a relatively small area.

Get Help Selecting the Right Crane Rental for Your Project

Whatever your project needs may be, Reliable Crane Services has a crane for you. We offer all types of both ground and tower cranes to customers throughout the western United States. Our expert team can guide you towards the right equipment and the right lifting services (bare rental, crewed cranes, full rigging, etc.). Contact us to learn more.

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