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Best Applications for All Terrain Cranes

Best Applications for All Terrain Cranes

As the name implies, all-terrain cranes have been specifically designed to handle many different types of terrain. When the job demands a crane that can maneuver over rough ground or in weather situations, an all-terrain crane is an excellent option. This type of mobile crane can work on smooth surfaces as well, but it will be more productive than many other types of mobile cranes when the going gets tough.

Benefits of All Terrain Cranes

Essentially, an all-terrain crane is somewhat like a middle option between a truck-mounted crane and a rough-terrain crane. This allows all-terrain cranes to serve multiple purposes and be useful on a wide variety of job sites. There are numerous benefits to selecting an all-terrain crane:

  • Versatility – The maneuverability and mobility of all-terrain cranes allow them to handle all types of surfaces like sand, grass, gravel, dirt, and asphalt. Because it can navigate all of these different surfaces, the crane can transport itself around the job site or even to other job sites that are nearby. To add to the versatility, this type of mobile crane can perform many different types of lifts.

  • Ease of Use – All-terrain cranes are known for being versatile and durable, and they’re also fairly easy to use. Operators of mobile cranes may be able to work more comfortably than they could in other types of cranes, which allows them to achieve more work with less fatigue.

  • Compact Design – The design of an all-terrain crane is somewhere in between a truck-mounted crane and a rough terrain crane, which makes it relatively compact and maneuverable as cranes go. Thanks to this compact design, the crane can fit into tight spaces to complete lifting tasks that might otherwise be hard to reach with some types of cranes.

How Are All Terrain Cranes Used?

The mobile undercarriage and hydraulic boom of an all-terrain crane make this type of equipment useful on a variety of different construction sites. They are especially common on remote job sites that may not necessarily have great road access. Thanks to the telescopic boom and four-wheel drive, these cranes may even be used for heavy hauling as well as lifting operations. The overall versatility of all-terrain cranes makes them useful for the following applications and many more.

Cranes for Windmills

Windmills, and the wind industry in general,  are often constructed in areas where there is not much other infrastructure. Unfortunately, sometimes this means there are not very good roads leading to the construction site. An all-terrain crane may be able to assemble one wind turbine, then move down a path, country road, or open space to the site of the next wind turbine. This dramatically reduces downtime and the need for transportation equipment.

Cranes for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Windmills aren’t the only application for all-terrain cranes in the energy industry. In many cases, oil and gas pipelines have to cover long distances. Along the way, there will eventually be areas where the terrain is less than ideal, which could pose a problem for some types of cranes. All-terrain cranes, however, can handle the installation of long stretches of oil and gas pipelines because of their mobility and their ability to conquer rough conditions.

Cranes for Music Festivals and Other Events

Music festivals and related events require the event organizers to set up large event sites. Truck-mounted cranes and crawler cranes may be able to handle much of this work, especially if the site is relatively flat and smooth. In some cases, though, there may be difficult areas at parts of the job site. This is where all-terrain cranes excel because they can navigate the entire site with relative ease. Additionally, they have enough lifting and hauling capacity to handle just about every type of work required at these sites.

Cranes for Large Building Projects

Just as all-terrain cranes are useful on large event sites, they are excellent at navigating large construction sites for buildings that cover a lot of ground. All-terrain cranes are especially useful at the early stages of these projects when the ground may not be particularly level yet.

Crane Rental Services

All-terrain cranes are useful for many different types of projects. Here at Reliable Crane Service, we’re able to provide all-terrain cranes for our partners throughout the Western United States. Whether your project requires mobile cranes, tower cranes, or both, we have the equipment to help you complete the work on time and under budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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