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Reliable Takes on the Energy Sector with Palm Springs Windmills

Reliable Crane Service CaliforniaJanuary 15, 2018 – Reliable Crane Service, a locally-owned Southern California business, is servicing the windmill maintenance initiative in the Palm Springs area. The windmills surrounding the Palm Springs area require frequent heavy-lifting equipment to properly service the gigantic energy-producers.

Due to its close proximity (being based in Corona, California), Reliable Crane Service is able to provide excellent service with reasonable pricing to the Palm Springs area. In early January, the crane company assisted with scheduled maintenance of the large windmills with their 7550 Grove, 550-ton Hydro. The job required a crane with both lifting and height capabilities due to the size of the windmills.

Reliable maintains a large fleet, and the company was able to assist. Their 7550 Grove is outfitted with a 78’ fixed job and 88,100 lbs of counterweight for these picks. In addition to the Grove, Reliable also utilized their 90-ton Rough Terrain Crane to assist with railing some of the picks on the job as well. The criteria was met and the maintenance work was complete without incident.

Reliable Crane Service is a crane company in Southern California and has been serving the area since 2015. Their variety of tower cranes, all-terrain cranes, and heavy machinery transportation allow them to compete in this growing industry. To learn more information about Reliable and their heavy lifting capabilities, visit For more information, email Mike Kale at or call (909) 222-0202 .



Reliable Crane Service California

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