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Rescue 911 Filming with Grove 5275

Reliable Crane Service Grove

January 10, 2018 – Reliable Crane Service, a locally-owned Southern California business, uses large crane to move airplane props on set during a “Rescue 911” filming. In Newhall, CA a popular drama series sought out expertise for its heavy lifting needs.

Reliable Crane Service, based in Corona California, assisted on the set of CBS documentary-drama series Rescue 911. The show reenacts real-world 9-1-1 calls and rescue operations. In early January, the show filmed a scene which required a large piece of airplane to be moved on set and even lifted out of a reservoir filled with water.

Reliable offers a large variety in its fleet. This shoot required a long boom with a max tip height of 223’ to make sure the crane stayed out of the camera’s frame, while still having enough power to lift the heavy airplane fuselage. Using their 5275 Grove All-Terrain Crane, Reliable was able to reach a 223’ boom length to meet the criteria above. The scene was shot without any issues, and Reliable can now add “CBS” to their extensive portfolio.

Reliable Crane Service is a crane company in Southern California and has been serving the area since 2015. Their variety of tower cranes, all-terrain cranes, and heavy machinery transportation allow them to compete in this growing industry. To learn more information about Reliable and their heavy lifting capabilities, visit For more information, email Mike Kale at or call (909) 222-0202 .



Reliable Crane Service Grove

Reliable Crane Service Grove

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